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  • The Need for Generally Accepted Data Management Principles (GADMP)

The Need for Generally Accepted Data Management Principles (GADMP)

  • 18 May 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online



The presenters will cover how we can create enterprise systems based on a standard template and best practices that can easily exchange data in a secure manner and allows us to share functionality between systems.

·   Why our systems are difficult to integrate.

·   How our (broken) approach to data management and building systems is affecting companies and their competitiveness.

·   Where ERP vendors fall short

· Sharing data across various ERP installations in different companies and inability to aggregate data

· The way they define primary keys will always lead to collisions, duplicate records, bad foreign key references

·  No way of sharing Master data between all systems and broadcasting updates when changes occur

· There is no way of identifying who owns a record and any form of record governance and transfer of ownership.

· ERP customizations constantly lead to version update anomalies and complex revisions of customizations.

· New-Paradigm architectures needed for future-oriented MeshERP2 systems.

Blair Kjenner is the Founder and President of Method1 Enterprise Software Inc., based in Edmonton and the author of  “MeshERP2 – Our current approach to Data Management and Systems Development is Broken – The dire need for Generally Accepted Data Management Principles (GADMP)”. Blair has been developing integrated enterprise software systems since he started his company in the early 1980s.  He has worked with government agencies, municipalities, manufacturing companies, hospitals, healthcare operations, and professional associations to name a few.

His approach to designing systems takes into account the need for enterprise systems to be able to share data within the company and across complex supply chains and business partners. His writings foster an evolution from the way have been building existing systems (old) to a GADMP approach (new) which focuses on open source Core Data Models, unique primary keys, application frameworks, automated data exchange, aggregating data between systems, unshakeable data security models, master-data server security, connecting old paradigm systems to new paradigm environments.  He also has worked out needed enterprise architectures for the new paradigm which include database, data dictionary, data exchange, core business modules, application frameworks, temporal design, change history design and scalability.

Kewal Dhariwal, (PhD., CBIP, CCP, CDP, I.S.P., ITCP, FCIPS) has been designing business and computer systems since the mid-1970s when computerizing Lloyds of London Brokerage houses in the UK. In the late 1970s he was automating the process controls for the Canadian Major Area Post Plants (letters and bulk mail processing facilities) in Montreal; and has been consulting to accounting firms, engineering and legal firms since 1980. He is an experienced project manager, and consultant and has been an educator innovator for over 40 years.  He initiated, designed and delivered courses such as “Specifying Systems Data Requirements” in 1988, “The Internet – all you need to know and all you will ever need to know” in 1996 at NAIT where he developed leading edge certification programs for industry.  He has worked internationally in Cuba, India, China, Thailand, Africa, the Middle-east, Europe and Australia.  At ICCP (a society of professional associations), he founded the Certified Business Intelligence Professional in 2003; co-founded the Certified Data Management Professional credential in 2004 and co-authored the CDMP Examinations Guide the same year with Pat Cupoli.  He is the author of the “Complete Guide to Professional Computing” and the “CBIP Examinations Guide”. For 10 years, he taught executive MBAs and MSc students at Athabasca University where he managed Academic Research into Supply Chains and Intelligent Software Agents (AIs). Most recently he has edited and co-authored the online 12 week “Big Data Course” and “Blockchain Course” for ICCP.  He founded the DAMA – Edmonton Chapter in 2015 and the Data Management Conference (DMC) – Canada that same year. Kewal Dhariwal is a Fellow of the Canadian Information Processing Society (FCIPS) and recognized as one of the 60 faces of IFIP – International Federation of Information Processors for his contributions to the business, data and computer industry.   Currently Kewal Dhariwal is co-authoring the MeshERP2 textbook with Blair Kjenner and a foreword and chapter contribution by William (Bill) Inmon: due for release late summer 2022.

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