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Getting the Squeeze on Python

  • 19 Jan 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Python has become one of the most used and ubiquitous languages in not only the analytics industry but throughout IT.  Python has gone beyond just computers and now is being shipped with Texas Instruments calculators.  This discussion will be a deep dive into Python.  We will examine why Python has become so highly used instead of other languages, details on its implementation, and where the industry may go from this point forward.  Lastly, we will examine some alternatives that are used outside of Python.  While the alternatives may not be used as often, they are still used and we will discuss their advantages and some of the downsides as well.

Frank Kadwell, PhD, is data management specialist with over twenty years of experience in the IT industry.  Frank has been in data management for approximately twenty years.  Frank is Co-Founder of D3 Information Services, a small boutique consulting firm in the US and specifically Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Frank and D3 assist companies with many data management challenges including strategy, architecture, and development.  Frank has consulted in many verticals including financial services, retail, manufacturing, and health care.  In addition, Frank has been on the Minnesota DAMA chapter board for three years.  Frank is involved with local data meetups and academic organizations.

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