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  • Spring DAMA Luncheon Session #1 – Adapting data governance to the modern enterprise

Spring DAMA Luncheon Session #1 – Adapting data governance to the modern enterprise

  • 16 Mar 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

DAMA NCR (Ottawa) is kicking off its first seasonal series of Guest Speaker lunch and learns.

Title/Titre: Adapting data governance to the modern enterprise: A case study of Palantir Technologies 

Guest Speaker: Courtney Bowman, Director of Privacy & Civil Liberties Engineering Palantir Technologies

Date: March 16, 2022 – 16 Mars 2022
Time: 12:05pm (EST) – 12h05 (HNE)


The session is free of charge.  The session will be recorded. The recording and presentation will be available only to DAMA NCR-RCN members.



Palantir Technologies works with some of the world’s most important institutions to solve their most urgent problems by providing software platforms to manage and operationalize their data. Our products are deployed in spaces as diverse as cybersecurity, counterterrorism, life sciences, public health, manufacturing, finance, supply chain manage, insurance pricing, and anti-human trafficking, to name a few. In each of these domains, privacy, data protection, and general data governance issues are central challenges for our customers in a world of continuous digital transformation, where regulatory and ethical frameworks are perennially playing catch-up.

We’ll explore how complex and nuanced data privacy concepts can be translated into key technological, organizational, cultural principles and we’ll explore a few examples demonstrating how software can be designed to complement and strengthen data governance practices familiar to many DAMA practitioners.

Guest Speaker:

Courtney Bowman is Global Director of Privacy and Civil Liberties Engineering at Palantir Technologies. His work addresses the confluence of issues at the intersection of policy, law, technology, ethics, and social norms. In working extensively with government and commercial partners, as well through engagements with policymakers, academics, and civil society, Bowman’s team focuses on designing, building, and deploying privacy protective technologies and fostering a culture of responsibility around their development and use. Bowman is co-author of The Architecture of Privacy, which provides a multidisciplinary framework for designing and building privacy-protective information systems. Prior to Palantir, Bowman earned degrees in Physics and Philosophy at Stanford University and worked as a quantitative and economic analyst at Google.

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